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O- D- S

The 87 series is an oxygen detection safety pilot system. it is designed to shut off

The gas supply to the gas heaters if the oxygen content in the room drops to 18%

From a normal 21%+.in this event the pilot flame actually lifts off the thermocouple cooling it down and causing the gas valve to close and the heater to shut off. Also, each ODS has a tamper resistant pilot orifice assembly ,so do not try to drill or clean out the ODS pilot with a hard object as you will damage it…(fig.1)

Normal Operation – 20.9 percent oxygen

Pilot flame engulfs tip of the thermocouple, generating the millivoltage needed to hold the safety pilot valve open. 
Oxygen Level Dropping -19% percent oxygen

The flame begins to lift- off the precision pilot burner ,causing the thermocouple to cool.

Safety shutdown – 18.5 percent to 18 percent oxygen
The unstable pilot flame moves away from the thermocouple causing the thermocouple to stop generating the electricity needed to hold the spring loaded safety valve open .the flow of gas stops.

The GCP87 series units have been designed for direct application in the gas heaters

The have been designed to obtain shut – off values according to the specific norms defined by each


With this arrangement, a stable blue flame of the ideal size is obtained for all gases.

The use of precalibrated injectors enables an exact flow to be guaranteed with the right jet direction.

So do not try to drill or clean out the ods pilot with a hard object as you will damage it.

The GCP87 series have been designed forL.P.G and N.G. it can be ordered by customers



Maximum torque to tighten gas inlet nuts to pilot ,8N.m.

Maximum torque to tighten thermocouple connector,4N.m