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Product code :GCP81
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Product describe :

Gas Water Heater Control Valve

Application :
The GCP81 gas water controls are suitable for use in instantaneous gas water heaters manufactured according to EN26.
Features :

The modular design of the GCP81 allows an OEM to specify a valve with distinct features for individual instantaneous water heater applications :
  • Simple on/off water switch
  • From 2.5 to 16 L/min (40 to 250 gal/hr) warm water
  • For all common gas types according to EN437 and all common water pressures all GCP81 models have identical gas and water connections. These compact controls can easily be accommodated into existing instantaneous water heater designs and can lead to significant reduction in material cost and external dimensions for new products developments.
Patented level mechanism improves performance :

Conventional gas/water valve design utilize a spindle which transfers the movement of the water diaphragm in a stroke motion through a ring seal to control the gas flow. Mineral deposits from the water onto the spindle can damage the ring seal causing of the gas valve (after – burner effect).
GCP81 valve controls respond to movement of the water diaphragm by rotating a lever that opens the gas valve. This design assures a very low hysterics and since the since the lever is outside the water valve, no build-up of mineral deposits can impair its movement, eliminating any possibility of an after-burner effect.
Gas functional parts :
  • Magnet unit for thermoelectric flame failure device
  • (one knob operates the igniter and the gas valve)
  • Ignition interlock (main valve closed during ignition)
  • Pilot gas filter
  • Water flow operates the main gas valve
  • Integrated gas pressure regulator


10 bar (13bar)

Max. water inlet pressure

0°c - 80°c

Ambient temperature

2.5 – 8 L/min for ΔT=50°c Hot
5.0 – 16 L/min for ΔT=25°c Warm

Water flow rate

0.2 – 0.5 bar

Min. water pressure in position "HOT" (varies with water flow)

M 30X1.5

Gas outlet thread

M 9x1

Pilot outlet thread


Gas inlet thread

½˝ inlet
˝ outlet

Water connections

(10 – 32 KW)
34,400 – 110,208 BTU/h

Normal output for natural gas and L.P.G

Water functional parts :
  • Water switch with low safety device (venture and diaphragm)
  • Slow ignition device
  • Water flow limiter, independent of inlet pressure
  • Screen (at water inlet)
  • Adjustable water By-Pass         
    (temperature setting knob)
  • Proportional gas/water adjustment :

    The gas flow is controlled in proportion to the water flow, so that the water outlet temperature remains constant.