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Product code :GCP74
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Product describe :

Multifunctional Gas Control Valve

Application :

The GCP74 gas control valve is a multifunctional gas control which has been specially designed for use on gas fires, convertor heaters and associated gas appliances fitted with simplex or duplex burners.
Main Components 

Flow Control :
Rotation of a disc valve controls the max, gas output rate proportionally down to a pre selected min.
Flame Failure Device :
The GCP74 gas control is fitted with a flame failure device which prevents the flow of gas to the burner in a no flame condition.
The pilot burner, ignition electrode and thermocouple are parts of the flame failure device d thus an integral parts of the safety system.
Piezo Igniter :
A piezo igniter provides automatic ignition at the pilot gas output rate setting.
Specifications :



500 mm W.C. (50 bar)

Maximum working pressure

0°c - 80°c

Working temperature range


Connections :



Rp 3/8"

Gas intel

M 10x1

Pilot outlet

M 14x1.5

Gas outlet

M 9x1


Setting the Max. Capacity :
Start gas control and turn operating knob to position fully open. Set max capacity by means of max restrictor.
Setting The Min Capacity :
Turn operating knob from position fully open down to min. position (notched), set min capacity by means of min restrictor.
Capacity :
Maximum output rate at 2.5 mm W.C. Air Pressure drop: 775 lit/h air. (d=1).
Installation :
The GCP74 gas control valve can be mounted in different position. The valve is supplied with one threaded hole tapped M 4, and two pins for mounting the valve to an appliance.
The gas inlet hole can be placed in four different positions in relations to the outlet holes thus reducing the pipe work to a minimum.