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Product code :GCP83
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Product describe :



Governor is a device that is being placed in the way of gas appliances and before GAS CONTROL VALVE. AND its work is to stabilize the Intel pressure to gas appliances.

For this reason Governor model gcp83 in from of self adjusting is adjusting outlet pressure in a determined range according to changes of inlet pressure definitely performance of gas application in nominal pressure of 18 mbar results in higher efficiency and decrease pollution resulted from gas combustion and also guarantees safe performance and without danger of gas appliances.

Because gas combustion in higher pressure more than nominal pressure in gas appliances result in excess temperature and increase of carbon monoxide in range of " Non Allowable " which in the first result in damaging the components of gas appliances and then causes danger and in the second hand increases contamination which result in damaging respiratory system and causes death.

Technical Data :
  • Constructions and design according to EN 88.
  • Classification: Governor grade B, group 2
  • Gases: Natural, L.P. gas (on request)
  • Ambient temperature: -15°c to 80°c
  • Maintenance: ISO 7-1, ISO 228-1
  • Gas inlet and outlet connections: RP 3.8˝
  • Capacity: 1.5 m³/h Air At ΔP=2.5 mbar
  • Maximum gas inlet pressure: 100 mbar
  • Maximum gas outlet pressure: 30 mbar
Outlet pressure:
Different outlet pressure range can be achieved by changing the spring. This is accomplished by removing seal cap and adjusting the screw.